Artist Statement

My work articulates our longing for everyday magic. Itmarries the tradition and unassuming nature of genre painting with contemporaryinfluences, at times creating a friction that translates to the anxiety andrestlessness of modern life. The subjects of my portraits portray a profoundand intimate longing, responding to the ache of alienation with an unwaveringdeclaration of autonomy. They open up a space of quiet contemplation wherethe viewer is invited to momentarily surrender their worries and rest in theuniversal desire for truth, love, and meaning. 


CristinaMarquez (b. 1992) is a Mexican-American artist currently living and working inChicago. She grew up in rural Indiana, also spending stretches of time inrural Jalisco, where she fell in love with nature, culture and art. In themoments of isolation, discord, and dysphoria that can be so overwhelming forfirst generation kids, she found solace in fantasy, science fiction, and otherabsurd forms of escapism.  

Cristina completedher undergraduate studies at the University of Saint Francis, where shereceived degrees in art history and studio art. After graduating, shemoved to Chicago where she continues to live and work as an artist. 

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